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Black Tie Events has had the pleasure of assisting with a variety of events all over the country!  


We know there are some great wedding professionals out there!  We trust that each client will find the professional who will best meet their needs and vision for a truly remarkable event which their guests will remember with fondness.  When we decided to open another office in Northern Florida, the last thing we wanted was to duplicate services already established.  We decided to leave the planning to those who have been serving the area and instead did some research to identify what the next best resource was. Click here to see what we found.


About Us

Lee Filipe has been a corporate event planner since the early '80s.  She produced expos and tradeshows in Las Vegas even before she decided to call Las Vegas 'home'.  In 1998, when she did move to Las Vegas, she began her bridal consulting career by joining Happily Ever After as Vice President of Marketing.  


Black Tie Events evolved when the founding president of Happily Ever After relocated back to the east coast.  Today, Black Tie Events is made up of a professional and experienced staff that can support each client’s needs with little or no delay in undertanding their clients goals.


With thousands of weddings and events planned, Lee's desire to make a difference - for those in small towns with limited budgets but big hearts - got the best of her and she packed up her SUV and cats and moved back to the east coast.