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At  Black Tie Events, our goal is to help you enjoy your event because you're leaving the execution of all the details and arrangements up to us.  Here is only a a partial list of the services that we take off your plate so you have more time to visit with your guests or important clients:

  • Event Website updates

  • Venue Comparison

  • Budgets

  • Event Planning

  • Concierge Services

  • Lodging and transportation

  • Invitation and promotional material design

  • Entertainment

and much more!


Should you wish to have your staff plan the entire event, Black Tie Events can teach them everything in less than a day!  Below are some of the objectives covered in a 3 hour seminar:

  • Locating and negotiating for venues

  • Choosing the right tools to promoting the event

  • Building the right alliances to promote your event

  • Planning for success on the day of your event

  • Learning insider's secrets!


Black Tie Events has worked with speakers and event organizers to improve their event success through coaching, consulting, and staff training.  


The course outline consists of the following segments:

  • Training your staff to attract event attendance

  • Setting your objectives and measurable results

  • Developing your strategic marketing plan

  • Alliances, sponsorships, and partners

  • Developing your event's day plan


For information on seminar costs and availability please contact us at [email protected]