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Hopefully, if you're on this page, you've realized that we're more than just 'any' wedding planner.  We have 30+ years experience in the wedding and event planning industry.  We can't (and don't want to) do it all, unless our clients request it.  We're all about making it a good experience for our clients so as an added bonus to our clients our wedding/event consulting services are offered from little to no charge based on your wedding budget.  Oher than this minor detail, here are other ways we are different:


  • We are not a florist.  We have no formal training as a florist.  

  • We purchase plain bouquets from florists and design them as YOU wish

  • We have no interest in selling you a specific decor/design for YOUR special day.  It's your day.  You tell us.

  • We don't make our designs using cookie cutter shapes.  We don't have a photo gallery available to the public.

  • We promise never to duplicate YOUR design (as such, we're cautious when you bring us someone else's design).

  • We are not a fruit of the month club.  We don't stock up when there's a sale on decor elements.

  • We have a flat fee for option A or option B (or somewhere in between), we don't upcharge you.  It is what it is.

  • We custom make every decor element in a smoke/pet/child-free home in the good ole USA.

  • We work on one event at a time, we never double book our time.  Your day is special to us as well.





Table/Chair decor
Cake Stands
Theme Decor

About our Rentals

We know what it's like to have ten of everything.  Statistics show that most wedding decor will resell for less than 25% of the original cost.  That's IF you're able to keep the items in good condition and not worry about how they're doing in a storage unit, your mom's basement, or in storage boxes in your hall closet.


We want you to have a great budget for the special elements of your day, not for decor and design elements you'll never use again. Chances are, after your wedding you'll continue to have family events and special ocassions but you'll want to have a different theme/color scheme than your wedding day.  We get it.


The buttons above will soon be loaded with images ranging from crystal cake stands to gorgeous table decor with - or without - bling.  If you wish to get started sooner, please email us for a personalized quote.  

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