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Non-Profit Events

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It only takes one bake sale, wedding reception, or craft fair to make some people believe that a career in special events planning is for them. While a special events planning job can seem glamorous and fun, when it comes to nonprofit events there are many rewarding aspects. Personally, before we have accepted any (paid) event or project management position we have always considered it as a volunteer first.  Once one can honestly admit that the event and its mission is worthy of volunteer time and service, then you know it's the right career path to follow.  


Many nonprofit organizations operate on a shoe-string budget and only hire production team members as funding becomes available.  Staff turnover is high since most people need consistant employment.  Having lived and served nonprofits in the 'event capital of the world' has shown us how many event professionals are seeking better employment opportunities.


Most non-profit organizations must constantly fund-raise to remain operational. Many non-profits employ people with event-planning skills, since these occasions are common fund-raising and donor-thanking tactics. In the for profit world, event staff is given a budget and tasked to plan an event using the budgeted resources. In contrast non-profit staff must raise money in order to produce the events. The challenge is making the event fabulous, obtaining free resources, staying within the budget, and making the event goal at the end of the day.


Our goal in serving nonprofits is in providing the experience in a way that benefits the organization but doesn't cost the organization in paying a full time event professional insurance, taxes, or a straight salary.  We help organizations develop an event that meets their fundraising needs and identify a concept that their board will be proud to call their own.


We have a strong sense of community and serving nonprofit organizations is a passion.  Unfortunately, many service providers will capitalize on the basics a nonprofit needs to survive in their competitive markets.  


If you are a nonprofit executive and need help finding or developing an existing fundraising event, developing a strategic plan or simply designing a new website, please contact us at [email protected] or by leaving a message at 386.283.2746. We're BIG on volunteerism