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Corporate Events

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We know that you can choose from many event planning companies.

Why choose us?


We are experiencedBlack Tie Events isn't just the name of our business, it's our attitude.  We have an unbeatable reputation ... Trust us to make your event memorable. We've been doing corporate events a long time and unlike other event planners in town we only do one event  per day - never ever do we double book, you and your collegues have our staff's undivided attention the entire day.


Many event planning companies promise a lot and don't deliver because they are distracted ... we're not saying they are a bad company, on the contrary, Las Vegas (and other tourist attractions around the country) has some of the best industry professionals in town; unfortunately, they do too much and aren't able to focus on only one client per day, personally taking care of all your event's logistics - from 'soup to nuts' ... start to finish we are there with you every step of the day.  Our goal is in keeping your employees or clients satisfied and helping you profit from the event by letting you cultivate long term relationships.


Black Tie Events is an extension of your own staff.  We know that your own corporate leaders have been planning these events for years.  All we need to know are some basic statistics in order to provide meaningful advice on what types of events are appropriate for certain occasions. Logistics like number of guests, the ages of the people attending, overall event budgets, and the purpose of the event is all Black Tie Events needs to get started on some great ideas within minutes.


A single email sets the whole process in motion. Rather than making hundreds of phone calls, your company can reduce that number to only a handful by outsourcing your event planning needs to us at  Black Tie Events.